Your home and your unique stories.

We will help you create them.

Form and function.
An interior that has an identity.
Minimalistic elegance.
Cozy comfort of home.
Interior facelift of the Zlota 44 Warsaw apartment.
A unique interpretation of the home's space.
Minimalistic elegance.
Cozy and elegant.
An interior that is integrated with nature.
Luxury is nature and peace.
A summer residence in the Mazury region.
A place of celebration and unique experiences.
NOCTO bar.
Space with soul.
Mid-Century interior.
Beauty Bar interior.
Your beauty and relaxation destination.
Zdjęcie przedstawia założycieli biura architektonicznego z Polski.

As OSOM, we know that home is not just a place to live. It’s a space filled with our emotions, experiences, and dreams. We create interiors that translate these feelings into a beautiful and welcoming reality. Our story is built on trust, collaboration, and creation. We are not just a design firm, but also a partner who journeys with them through every stage of the project.

We ensure that the projects we undertake for apartments and residences exude coziness, minimalism, and elegance, creating unique spaces where you feel comfortable and secure.

We combine our diverse skills and specializations into cohesive, innovative solutions that reflect the character of each project.

We design for the well-being of the residents. Together with you, we explore unconventional approaches to design, bringing joy in usage and the inherent beauty they carry. Our work is not just about interior design. It’s about creating narratives where every detail matters, achieving harmony between style and practicality.

Working at OSOM is about creation, inspiration, and collaboration.

Our team, comprised of ten exceptional individuals, constitutes a significant driving force for every task. The entire team possesses a solid architectural education, knowledge of the interior design market, as well as diverse skills and rich interests, which translate into unconventional and unique solutions.


This is a small part of us.

If you dream of a space that will tell your story, we are ready to create it together for you.