Architekt wnętrz Katarzyna Miller oraz architekt wnętrz Tomasz Jasiak.

Kasia and Tomek, founders and owners of OSOM, bring years of experience in design, as well as rich business skills, making us not only a distinguished brand but also a true partner for our clients.

Our philosophy is not only about creating interiors that are aesthetically pleasing but above all, designing spaces that reflect the soul and lifestyle of our clients.

It is our ability to empathize and listen that makes each project a unique story.

We design spaces so that every inhabitant feels comfortable and can be fully themselves. We understand that the sense of security and stability that follows is the foundation for growth and experiencing life to the fullest.

OSOM GROUP is a team, comprising perfectly harmonized individuals, consisting of professionals with practical experience and a passion for creating unique interiors.

Thanks to our individual approach to each project, we can understand the needs and expectations of investors, transforming them into innovative, functional, and aesthetic architectural solutions.

When you choose OSOM, you’re not only choosing a design but also support.

Our spacious office and showroom are open to you so that you can see, touch, and feel the materials with your own eyes. We create not only aesthetic interiors but also spaces that breathe with your emotions.

The projects we create are the result of the work of individuals who share their knowledge and skills, but also inspire each other to achieve increasingly new creative solutions to support your well-being. Get to know the OSOM TEAM.

Architekt wnętrz i właściciel biura architektonicznego osom group Katarzyna Miller.
Katarzyna Miller
Architekt wnętrz i właściciel biura Osom Group Tomasz Jasiak.
Tomasz Jasiak
Architekt wnętrz Joanna Kempińska.
Joanna Kempińska
Architekt wnętrz Joanna Kurnyta.
Joanna Kurnyta
Architekt wnętrz Aleksandra Pawłowska.
Aleksandra Pawłowska
Architekt wnętrz Aleksandra Reda.
Aleksandra Reda
Architects' Assistant
Architekt wnętrz Blanka Warszawska.
Blanka Warszawska
Manager do spraw kluczowym klientów w biurze architektonicznym.
Marzena Głodkowska
Key Account Manager