Beauty Bar Interior.
Your Beauty and Relaxation Sanctuary.
We embarked on the Beauty Bar project with fascination, knowing that we were creating something more than just an ordinary beauty salon.
It’s a place where indulging in beauty is just part of the pleasure. It’s also a space where you can spend time with friends, enjoying luxurious beauty treatments and a cocktail bar. Beauty Bars are a trend that is still developing in Poland. Such an approach provides customers with convenient access to a wide range of cosmetics and beauty services.
The Beauty Bar project is not only a design challenge for us but also the realization of a dream to create places where our clients can experience care for their well-being, healthy appearance, and relaxation, all in a unique environment.
It’s a place where beauty meets the concept of ‘clean beauty,’ which is an additional asset attracting those seeking it, and was our reference point in creating the interior – clean, natural, yet very elegant and sophisticated.