Unique Home Space Interpretation
Minimalist Elegance
This house is not just a designed living space; it’s also a story of collaboration, trust, and vision.
The design of this exceptional house’s form is a true journey through intriguing architectural shapes, crafted by Marcin Tomaszewski and the Investor. It spans 280 square meters, where each meter is a distinctive interpretation of space and style. The interiors of this home exude the elegance of dark wood and precise minimalism.
It’s where architecture meets the Investor’s personal style, creating a unique harmony. Every detail of this project matters, and the final result pays homage to elegance and minimalism, becoming an integral part of life within these interiors.
The choice of microcement for the floors is a key element of the project, enabling the achievement of a cohesive, minimalist effect, as well as an illusion of open space. By opting for microcement, we avoided traditional grout lines, creating a space defined by clean lines and harmonious aesthetics.