Cozy and Elegant.
Interior Integrated with Nature.
In the design of luxury and premium homes, the brand of the product is not the most important factor, but rather the quality of materials and craftsmanship of all designed elements.
During the design process, we considered various lighting options for the kitchen island. Our client, guided by excellent quality and aesthetics, ultimately chose our favorite – the Delta One-And-Only lamp. We knew that behind the product’s price tag lies high quality and a unique product story, as evidenced by its recognition with the Red Dot Awards.
One of the key aspects of the project was the analysis of interior forms, particularly the heights, which reach an impressive 360 centimeters.
This allowed us to create spaces with a spacious, luxurious character and elegance. The investors wanted to maintain a homely atmosphere, so we opted for a minimalist, modern design dominated by white, beige, wood, and matte and textured stone. We chose solutions that allow for the enjoyment of the beauty of nature while creating modern and comfortable interiors.