Unveiling Heritage.
Interior Design Project of a Historic Building
Our task was to blend original materials such as weathered wood, wicker, and fabric wallpapers with modern solutions and technology. We aimed to integrate history with our ideas seamlessly, preserving the unique character of the place.
We are incredibly proud to be working on such an exciting investment as the Poznański Office in Łódź. Even before the start of the general renovation, the place captivated with its beautiful details, and the history of the building inspired us to create interiors that fit into this unique context. In our project work, we also focused on lighting. Modern chandeliers and ambient lighting complement the interior’s atmosphere, creating a luxurious and inspiring ambiance.
Our task is to design interiors and space plans for office spaces adapted to the conservation work program. The Poznański Office is one of the first office buildings in Łódź, recalling the days of the city’s greatest industrial and economic development.
Built in the second half of the 19th century, the Poznański Office forms part of the large industrial-residential complex of I.K. Poznański. Its location directly on the main street intimately connects the factory with the owner’s residence, the Poznański Palace. In addition to interior design, we also undertook the adaptation of office spaces to the conservation work program. It’s often a challenge, but the results are worth it. An example is the floors beautifully illuminated by natural light, offering a peaceful place to work and unforgettable views of one of the most important places in Łódź – the Poznański Palace with its garden and the Manufaktura Market.