Soulful Space.
Mid-Century Inspired Interior.
The sense of unrestricted space and abundance of natural light create an unparalleled comfort in this interior.
When we heard from our clients, ‘We know you’ll do this interior justice,’ we were thrilled and knew there was much joy ahead. We’ve always had a strong affinity for Mid-Century style, and the trust of our clients made working on the project an inspiring play of colors, materials, and design icons. Our interior is a tribute to the character and timeless style of mid-century modern, adapted to the present.
Projekt Wnętrza wzorowany na Mid-Century.
Projekt zabudowy kuchennej w domu jednorodzinnym na Śląsku. Ekskluzywne aranżacje wnętrz - Nasza firma. Tworzymy ekskluzywne projekty wnętrz.
Projekt Wnętrza wzorowany na Mid-Century.
Elegant furniture, dark wood, and intricately carved ceilings in the living area perfectly complement the ambiance of the interior. We draw inspiration from architecture, furniture, and decor from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, creating a space with clean lines and plenty of natural light.
We utilize natural materials such as wood, leather, and stone to achieve the desired effect. The two-story living area has a calming effect on our perception and psyche. Additionally, the design features a unique art gallery above the living room, along with a designated private area, adding even more character and functionality to the space.