Remodelling of the Living Area.
When transforming an interior, a complete renovation is not always necessary; there is an opportunity to create a cohesive narrative that highlights the unique character of the place.
Interior rejuvenation requires certain project frameworks, making it essential to approach changes cautiously and thoughtfully, while adding new quality and uniqueness to the space. Detailed discussions with clients about their expectations are crucial – understanding what they want to preserve and what changes and final effects they envision. Our clients wanted to preserve elements such as: wooden floors, raw ceilings with visible formwork, kitchen fittings; sofa; chandelier; and traditional Portuguese azulejos on the wall. They fully trusted us to create the rest of the interior based on these unique elements.
Indywidualne projekty luksusowych wnętrz.
Przebudowa wnętrza strefy dziennej.
Inspirujące projekty luksusowych wnętrz
Thus, our concept was born – where the beauty of nature outside the window and refined minimalist forms coexist, creating a comfortable and elegant interior. Our goal is to create beauty that resonates with the soul and character of each place.
Designing the communication area is as important as the rest of the house. Through good arrangement, we can introduce a consistent theme, showcasing the character of the residents. In the hallway, we encountered challenges with different ceiling heights and doors, but these unique features served as inspiration for us. We decided to use light as a tool to unify and emphasise the unique elements of this area. Elegant dark veneer and broken white became our canvas, on which we based our minimalist aesthetic. Then, we selected personalised art and decorative elements, giving everything a unique style, creating the dream interior for our clients.