Sushi Bar Shizen.
Flavors and Colors of Japan.
The restaurant is where flavors meet aesthetics, allowing guests to experience not only the scents and tastes of dishes but also the atmosphere of Japan.
For years, the OSOM team has upheld one unchanging tradition – our celebrations, including Christmas Eve and other important occasions, must include sushi from our favorite spot in the city. We were thrilled when given the opportunity to create a magical world at SHIZEN restaurant, where we aimed to transport you on a journey to the heart of Japan.
Projekt wnętrza sushi baru - część z wysokimi stolikami.
Projekt wnętrza baru z sushi.
Projekt wnętrza sushi Baru SHEIZEN.
The interior of SHIZEN blends modernity with tradition. The simple, elegant design is based on natural materials such as wood and stone, which imbue the space with warmth and authenticity.
But that’s not all – our unique accent is a colorful mural depicting flowers and Japanese koi fish. This piece of art pays homage to the land of cherry blossoms, enriching the interior with depth and emotion. At SHIZEN, it’s not just about eating sushi; it’s also a journey to the heart of Japanese culture.